Changing Hues

The city that remained a dream

Waking up to the chirping of birds, the sounds of the human feet and a clear sunrise, the city had never looked more peaceful. With every rising morning and a beautifully sun-set evening, solitude and happiness coincided; solitude within the self and happiness beyond the self. In all these years of existence, never has life come to a halt this long, and it makes me wonder if this is what peace means? If this is what living and letting live mean? Animals and humans are coexisting, sunrises and sunsets are being etched in memories and families are under one roof, literally and metaphorically. Life seems like a movie, only difference being the stillness of pollution, movement and crimes, interposed by power of societies, altruism and selflessness.

As much as social distancing is getting to us, being healthy and practicing well-being has overtaken this hurdle of the inability to go out. Eating healthy, living fit and breathing fresh have become a daily chore now; we have learnt to realize that living far does make the heart grow fonder. Animals have been able to live danger-free, are roaming about the city for the first time liberally, with freedom. Doesn’t the city look famished because of a reversal in place/habitat, but nevertheless, we have learnt to never give up on hope. Our dreams of living the peaceful life, amidst the chaos of the city has come true. It feels almost ecstatic to experience silence, rejoice small victories and live horn-free.

"The Silence of Nature is very real: it surrounds you, so you can feel it.”
- Ted True Blood.

Every day we experience an eerie sight, yet a soothing feeling bound by unfamiliarity and demarcated boundaries, yet we rejoice the completeness of the life.  We had been caught up in the facade of millennial life, but to break this now, we call up our friends, who helped us manoeuvre the initial struggles of teenage life. We call up our friend, with whom we’ve had the most irrelevant of conversations, and laughed and cried about ugly boys and lame crushes. We have also called up that friend, who helped us burn the midnight oil, helping us relive our school days, for adult life crisis, and we need to regress once in a while. This by far, is the only traffic congestion, we’ve seen- social media congestion.

Breaking old habits and forming new lifestyles, keeping up with new shows, leaving behind the world of books, catching up with old friends, and actively forgetting reunions, amidst all this, this pandemic shall pass. We all look forward to an adjunct beginning, amidst heaps of unfulfilled promises, cherishing the swiftness of time and inspecting the fathoms of our existence. Amidst all this, another year awaits, bidding adieu to oldness in things and people, arching forward to an illuminated tomorrow. This too shall pass, for amidst all this, pandemic too shall pass and the city will look fresh and back to square one soon.

Perhaps then we’ll miss our city’s peaceful look, we’ll yearn to hear the rooster’s cuckadoo, and learn to embrace the calmness of the city life and learn to live as humans with conscience and responsibility, both as citizen and level-headed human beings. Amidst this confusion, we will all learn to find our share of homes, define our dreams of a perfect city embellished with vehicle-free, pollution-free and crime-free zones. Until then, let us sever the last few morsels of this commotion-free city, reliving a dream that was never dreamt before, for the calmness is intoxicating and addictive.

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Changing Hues

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