The Road Ahead

The city that remained a dream

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, people all over the world have been facing mixed emotions. Negativity, hopelessness, fatigue, bleakness of future and uncertainty – all of these clouding our minds. Our lives have come to a standstill, and ‘social distancing’ is a word people fear the most.

But as they say, “This too shall pass” and from this point forward, how can one envision the world? Geopolitically, we are all used to stability and predictability in some form. At a time like this, understanding what positivity and optimism does during these tough times is crucial. Hope is a powerful tool, they say. A power to sever the wounds of many in and after crisis too.

"You're going to go through tough times - that's life. Nothing happens to you; it happens for you. See the positive in negative events.”
-Joel Osteen

Amidst all the chaos, all the panic, and all the fear, we saw a new world coming together. A ray of hope, a million lessons, nurturing relationships, individuals coming together as the power of a thousand people over one. All of these leading a way for harmonization and peace worldwide. A vision of several utopian mindsets.

With the pandemic forcing families to stay in together, men, especially have been used to contributing to the household chores, and this may further continue, as they say, habits take 21 days to form, and the lockdown has been beyond that.

Spending time with family in any way that would bring happiness to both self and others, has been a crucial part of the pandemic, and this would be another positive sign that may continue post pandemic, which may increase quality of life, marital satisfaction, being able to spend quality time with the family and being able to sustain a healthy pattern of communication and conflict management.

With fitness being the center-stage during the lockdown, post this, there may be a rise in the mindset of individuals to promote healthy living and resort to healthier lifestyles, negating sedentary lifestyles, thereby increasing the rate of living, and bringing down mortality rates.

Killing time has been a serious issue over the course of the pandemic, but sometimes structure brings in a lot of productivity and can help pass time efficiently. One may have learnt to use their time wisely by sticking to a routine, and this may be another sign that would help boost productivity and promote a sense of accomplishment, which may be linked to optimism and honoring a skill one may possess.

What initially seems like a downfall and competitive mindset, job opportunities may gradually increase as time passes. Flexible working hours, boost in the employment sector, economy being restored. Globally, there may be improvements in all sectors of life, and this may help in the growth of the economy as well as bring latest innovative technologies’, thereby instilling in people the power of growth and prosperity. The human mankind has never failed to help those in pain, and this shall be another sign of positivity, altruism, selflessness, and philanthropy.

Psychologically, the pandemic has made people stronger, and this impact may continue post pandemic and would be important to maintain factors such as grit, resilience and hope. Thus, a lot of emotional positivity, and several other forms of prejudice may be reduced, due to the fact that there has been an overall growth mindset. Keep moving forward, and together we’re going to all remain strong and restore levels of normalcy, perhaps a little slowly, but definitely stronger.

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