How does an electric vehicle work?

Electric vehicles arerun by an electric motor, instead of a petrol engine. The motor gets its energy from the rechargeable batteries, which store power in them. These batteries can be easily charged by plugging them in a charge point at home, work or on the go.

What are the advantages of electric vehicles?

The fundamental advantage of electric vehicles is that they accelerate faster than the conventional fuel vehicles – so they feel lighter to drive. In addition to improved driving experience,

  • - They eliminate your fuel costs,
  • - They are easy on the environment,
  • - EVs need less maintenance and servicing is much simple.

  • What is the battery capacity of electric vehicles?

    An electric vehicle's battery capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), the same unit your home electric meter records. The lithium-ion batteries are versatile, long-lasting, and run for approximately 100 Kms once fully charged.

    What is the cost of electric vehicles

    Estimates say that EVs might end up saving up to 64% of India’s energy costs for road transport and cut down on up to 37% of carbon emissions. Which means the future of transportation is clearly electric. Starting at Rs50,000 (Approx) the EV market is becoming economically competitive.

    Are Electric Vehicles safe?

    In the first place, EVs undergo the same rigorous safety testing and meet the same safety standards required for conventional vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity than conventional vehicles, making them less likely to roll over and often improving ride quality.

    Are there electric scooters for women?

    Addressing the different tastes in two-wheelers, CK Motors offers India’s unisex electric scooters. They are designed for a comfortable ride on Indian roads with high performance Lithium battery. Safety, speed and comfort guaranteed.

    How to charge electric vehicles?

    Charging an electric vehicle is almost a child’s play. It is a simple process where you simply remove the battery from the bike and plug the battery cord to a socket. Just make sure the battery pack switch is turned off before switching the charging on.

    What is the top speed of electric vehicles?

    Depending on the type, various vehicles offer speed levels. While the electric bikes that are pedal-assist offer 25 kmph, there are others which offer upto 70 kmph. From slow speed to high speed - CK Motors offers a wide variety of Ebikes to choose from depending on individual speed requirements.