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Power Backup for the 21st Century

For homes, offices and industries
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PURE Lithium

For homes, offices and industries

State-of-the-art Technology

Power backup for the 21st century

Home & Office Backup
Electric Vehicles
Solar ESS
Data Centres

Why is it better?

3 Times Lesser Space
2 Times Higher Life
Across India Climate Conditions
Smart Control System

Pure Power Slab

48 V 60 Ah (LFP) Power Storage
48 V 100 Ah (LFP) ESS Module
48 V Solar Inverters
48 V to 540V UPS/PCU
48V, 3-Wheeler Motors in EVs

Technical Specs
Pure Power Slab

  1. Efficiency
    94 %
  2. Weight
    57 Kg 48V 100Ah and 30 Kg 48V 60Ah
  3. Capacities
    3 KWH (LFP) Power Storage
    5 KWH (LFP) ESS Module
  4. Warranty
    3 years for Outdoor and EV Application
    5 years for Indoor and Stationary Applications
  1. Operating temperature
    0 to 50º C
  2. Installation
    Floor or Rack mounted
  3. Dimensions
    3 KWH (LFP) : 620 mm (L) X 380mm (W) X 100mm (H)
    5 KWH (LFP) : 655 mm (L) X 748mm (W) X 110mm (H)

Pure Power Bric

Long lasting sustainable alternative to 12V Lead-acid battery
12.8 V 1KWH LFP

Technical Specs
Pure Power Bric

  1. Efficiency
    94 %
  2. Weight
    10 Kg
  3. Capacities
    1 KWH
  4. Warranty
    5 years warranty
  1. Discharge
    3X Faster
  2. TCO
    50% Lower
  3. Dimensions
    230 mm (L) X 180mm (W) X 165mm (H)

at pure we produce our batteries

Our range of Lithium-Ion batteries, are powered by Patented Battery Technology from the labs of IIT Hyderabad backed by years of research and simulation.

Optimised for pure performance.

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Pure Power Brick powers our vehicles

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